Who is yourphoneforsale.com?

yourphoneforsale.com is a trademark of iphoneme srl

It is an innovative service allowing each user, individual or company, through the website, can sell his smartphone and have currency exchange (via bank transfer or PayPal) or voucher scounto to buy a new smartphone at the refurbished and -commerce group: www.iphoneme.it or www.yourbestphone.com or www.iphonericondizionato.com

How can I contact customer service?

You can contact customer service by calling 06 40402591 (from 10:00 to 12:00 Mon-Fri). Writing to info@yourphoneforsale.com and indicating the details of the writer, the request for assistance and a mobile phone number to contact you.

What kinds of phones we can withdraw?

Functioning: functioning in every part of their function and, with the battery and back cover intact.

To repair: without battery; with the back cover protect missing or damaged battery; running of compromise or damaged cell; with memory card door missing or damaged; with SIM compartment door damaged or missing; blocked pin; without antenna or damaged antenna; keyboard damaged.

What kinds of phones can you do not accept?

We can not accept mobile scrap or otherwise considered non-repairable, and thus cell: Split physically in one or more parts; damaged by water; broken / cracked the sealing points; with the LCD screen broken / cracked / missing, not working with liquid crystals scattered; touch screen insensitive to touch; SIM merged into the cell; Memory Card merged into the cell; accommodation battery and related sensors broken / cracked / damaged; IMEI blocked by a telephone operator; IMEI number blacklisted; reprogrammed IMEI number.

What happens to the collected phones?

All mobile phones are controlled by authorized partner companies that verify only:

  1. consistency between the “degree” of the cell arrived in the stores and the “degree” declared by the client;
  2. the IMEI number, which identifies each cell, and that this number is not on the black list of phones lost, stolen or blocked by any operator.
  3. All phones will be refurbished for reuse of parts / components or refurbished for resale.
My phone is not listed, what should I do?

Send us an e-mail to info@yourphoneforsale.com and tell us the make and model of your telephone. Since that time, we will give a special assessment of the Vs cell.

My smartphone is being blocked by a telephone operator, I can always sell it?

No. yourphoneforsale.com can not buy any phone that has been blocked by a telephone operator or stolen. These phones will be automatically recorded and evaluated zero Euro and returned at your expense.

What should I send?

All you need to send you your mobile phone (including battery and back cover when said working), a copy of the order confirmation (sent by e-mail to your own address) countersigned in every part request.

How can I send my old cell phone?

Please send the phone to us in a lined envelope using our address that will be indicated in the mobile travel document.

Please note that the sending of the cell through the postal mail can not be monitored. If your shipment is of high value or contains a number of mobile phones we recommend using the postal service with assured and / or receipt or consult us to send our courier.

I have to send my charger and accessories?

No, we need only mobile phones and batteries. The accessories do not add any value to your order.

I waited a long time for payment, what should I do?

It may take up to 5-10 business days to receive your cellphone. Once received will send you an e-mail confirmation of receipt of the phone itself which will then be tested and subsequently will be done, if there are no inconsistencies between the grade tested and one declared, payment by bank transfer within 48 hours of receipt. If you have any doubt, please contact us via e-mail indicating your order number.

How do I receive payment for my mobile?

We make payments by bank transfer and PayPal.

Please note that all orders that contain incorrect address, or the brand, the model, the degree and the IMEI number are exempt from the wrong two days of promise of payment.

What is an IMEI number, and where is it?

The IMEI number is a 15-digit code found in each cell phone model. The IMEI number uniquely identifies the phone and was created to help manufacturers during the phases of transport and recycling of all mobile phones. To find your phone’s IMEI number you have two options:

  1. look at the back of the phone, usually under the battery, where you’ll find a white label with the IMEI number and your phone model;
  2. you can type the following keys on your mobile * # 06 # and the IMEI number will appear on the screen. We need this number because we will check, on demand phone, the phone’s IMEI number.

If this number will be present in the black list that keeps track of all the mobile phones stolen, lost or blocked by an operator the phone it will be automatically classified as scrap (and then disposed of as such) and will be given a value of zero euros.

My phone has a memory of sms / data / numbers, and I would be sure that they are not consulted?

All received cell will be reset, erasing all sensitive data.

If the degree of my smartphone is different from what I've shown what happens?

You will be contacted to have the new assessment. If you do not accept the listing the phone will be sent back with the charge of the shipment at your expense.