On you value your smartphone and instantly you receive cash or a voucher with which you can purchases on other e-commerce stores.
Print the completed form you receive on your mail at the end of the procedure and send it with the device to our technicians:
iPhoneMe srl, Via dei Giornalisti 2a/2b – 00135 Roma – Italy

The smartphone to be evaluated functional needs to:

Switch on and off
All buttons and the touch screen must be operational
Make / receive calls, microphones and speakers must be operational
Having the functional screen without damage or stains on the display
Be in good cosmetic condition (normal wear signs are accepted)
Include its battery
Not having crushing or malfunction by contact with water

The phone is not working when

Does not turn on
LCD screen not working
Glass Touchscreen Broken or not working
Phone Locked
You can not make / receive calls
Body has severely damaged
Without Battery
Battery cover not original or missing
Missing Operating System, not original, damaged, blocked
SIM slot broken or missing



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